CWID's profile
Coast Women In Development CWID is a registered and independent, nonprofit making grassroots women organization that exist to improve the lives of women and children at the grassroots levels. It was established in the year 2005 to identify and reinforce women’s role in Education Leadership, Developments and Governance, the organization is registered by NGO board. CWID in addition, serves as the secretariat to the Pwani Gender Based Violence Network, which is a group effort of the various organizations addressing issues of gender in general and gender based violence in particular at the Coastal Region of Kenya in collaboration with GBV Prevention Network Horn of Africa
Improved lives of the Vulnerable Women and Children living in the grassroots level. This goal we struggle to achieve through “promotion of good governance that respects human rights towards gender equality and rule of law and creating awareness on prevention of all violence and discrimination against women and children.
To identify and reinforce women’s role in education, leadership and dev The organization’s mission is to create an inspiration of forming a base for the social movement that is able to give positive direction to women at large and the youths
  • Advocacy
  • GBV awareness, prevention and coordination
  • Good governance
  • Women economical and leadership empowerment
  • Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Human rights towards Gender Equality
  • Social Justice
Badilika Program
This a GBV prevention program that we do with the Pwani GBV network which consists of a number of civil society organizations that adress GBV issues and which CWID is the secretariat, it is aimed at integrating the male sexual offenders both at the main Shio La Tewa Prison and Borstal Institution to change and be ambassadors of men against gender based violence.
Tuinuane Project.
The project focuses on our program of women empowerment. We do this through microfinance loaning scheme, the programme gives small loans to the grasroots women, loans that they can manage to pay back so that they don’t struggle to pay back and end up poorer than we found them. The program also gives out goats to the rural women as a sustainable project, we also train them on entrepreneurshipand help them identify what businesses are good for them.The project currently runs in Kilifi and Malindi.
Prevention and awareness of gender based violence
This is done in collaboration with Pwani GBV network. So far we have managed to reach Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale but aiming to create awareness to other counties within the Coastal region.
Healthy Action Campaign
The project advocates for enhancement of government budget allocation on health strategies to address the needs of poor people in order for the MDGs to be met. It is a consortium of five organizations who are Family Health Options Kenya-FHOK, Kwetu Training Centre, Moving The Goal Post –MTG, National Agency for Population and Development NCAPD and CWID, we work under the umbrella of DSW and IED. This program lies under our Reproductive health objectives.
Improved hygiene and sanitation in slums
In this project, women and youths are trained in observing household hygiene. This is also done to promote HIV/AIDS awareness activities at the household levels.
Education support for girls
This incorporates girls in poor families, this project identifies bright girls from poor families that are reflected in CWID projects and offer support by facilitating them to continue with schooling without interruption which is often occassioned by sending Support Request Application (SRA) to government run bursary funds, Constituency Development Funds (CDF) donors, individuals and corporate well wishers.
Campaign on the fight against malaria;
The project targets to empower the community with skills and resources of controlling and preventing the spread of malaria and its impacts.
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