Report on Tuinuane Project initiating meat goat-rearing Project held at the D.O.’s Camp, Matano Manne


The Tuinuane Project is a project that was started by Coast Women in Development for the women at the grassroots level. The project started with a micro-credit program where women groups are given soft loans individually. The loans have improved the livelihoods of the participating women. Through these loans they are able to fend for their families, pay school fees for their children and boost their small businesses.

With the partnership of Wyndham International, CWID has started a meat-goat rearing project with women group of Vitengeni area. The project has also created an opportunity for the women in Vitengeni to participate in leadership positions this is following the tradition that one has to have possessions in order to be a leader.

Opening remarks

The event was officiated by Caroline Nzaro, a Social Worker representative from the Ministry of Children, Gender and Development Vitengeni. She shared out the main objective of the day which was to provide goats to the women groups in Vitengeni. The 12 women drown from two different women groups who were earlier were taken through trainings on how to rear meat-goats in the semi-arid areas such as Vitengeni , were advised on how to store food during the rainy season so that it could come in handy during the dry spell.

The event was attended by guests from various fields i.e. CWID’s Director, representatives Ministry of Livestock, Ministry of Children Gender and Development members of the Kilifi Town Local Authority (The Mayor and Councillors), CWID staff , Administration , the community and other women group leaders.

CWID’s Director

CWID’s Director, Councilor Teddy Mwambire welcomed everyone to the event and was grateful for showing up to the event that was marked to help the women at the grassroots. Teddy has been a focal point of the organization’s management at Kilifi county and resourceful in the collaboration with the women groups and the office of the Ministry of Livestock Kilifi in the organization of the event.

Teddy also urged other women to join in the project because it was beneficial to everyone. He shared out the ideologies of leadership that relate to ownership of wealth and possessions. It is believed that in order for one to be a leader anywhere, one must have some sign of wealth. The Vitengeni women now have wealth that is also there source of wealth and also an opening for leadership opportunities.

Representative from the Ministry of Livestock

A representative from the Ministry of livestock, the District Agriculture Officer Kiliffi County Mr. Mwamanchi congratulated the women of Vitengeni for having being involved in such a project that was one of a kind. There are very many women groups indulging in various projects around that area but this is unique because it involves the meat-goat which is a very delicate kind of livestock, so it needs a lot of care concerning the way to feed, what treatment to give the animals and what type of shelter to keep the goats in.

He also adviced the women to take caution of the drought seasons that might affect the goats indirectly because of inadequate feeds. The Vitengeni area is usually drought-stricken for the better part of the year. During the rainy season there is a lot of food available to feed so during this time the women should take advantage and conserve feeds by making stacks of food using the shrubs and stumps. He also conversed a lot on the environment management and respect and Climate Change that is affecting woman kind globally.

Chancellor Chiluma

Councilor Chiluma was a was an invited guest at the event and on his speech to the participants present, He urged them to support each other in such kinds of projects because they not only support individuals but a society. He shared out that now that the women were lucky enough to be in such a project, they should guide other women to join the same.

They should now look beyond the women groups and involve themselves with governance issues. They should be able to visit the nearest town, Kilifi Council and be able to attend the development meetings and share their opinions also towards the progress and economic development of Vitengeni. Participate in Governance and Development issues , share in formations and be ready to be mentors of the younger generation .

CWID’s Programme Director

Betty Sharon represented Coast Women in Development in the event. She thanked the donors Wyndham International for having facilitated towards the success of the day the Ministry of Livestock for the trainings and involvement in the selection during the purchase and the women for their effort and show of interest. She also said that CWID was delighted to be an initiator of such a project with the women at the grassroots level who are in Vitengeni.

She shared the concerns of women not being able to participate in development forums within the community just because they do not have a capacity. Women are not involved in many projects in the society just because they are busy looking for food for their families or even in poor health conditions just because of poverty. This project if implemented well , the success will see it to be able to curb that.

With the meat-goat project the women of Vitengeni will be able to contribute in many developmet community forums, they will be able to partake in governance as well as to own leadership positions in various institution committees like school boards, constituency development funds, local authority development trust funds and neighboring health centers, their families will also be healthy and this will improve the economic growth of Vitengeni area as a whole.

Guest of Honour: Kilifi Mayor

The Kilifi Mayor, Madam Esther Kache was the guest speaker of the day. She encouraged the women to embrace the project and work hard to start other projects of their own. She also asked other women present in the arena to form development groups that could attract such projects. The women group projects and activities boosts one capability to join the political arena.

She challenged the women of Furaha women group into taking up leadership positions with in the community now that they will improve their lifestyles, they should partcipate in governance programs too such as taking leaders and the government to task on the underdevelopment issues in the area.

She also asked them to come together as women and participate in as many projects as possible, not only from the non-government organizations, but also start up their own from the proceeds they get. These will enable them to boost their capability to hold leadership positions in there area.

Successes and Challenges

The event took place as programmed by the women groups in Vitengeni. Though it began way past the allocated time, the activities were swift and well co-ordinated. The participants to the event were a great number despite the fact that there were other functions taking place around the area .

The response to the event was great because immediately after the event, many women started inquiring how they could join in the project too.


Our Heartfelt appreciation to Wyndham International for funding this project that has taken three years since it`s designation without getting a sponsor, we are looking forward to stronger networking since more women groups are willing to join the network.

To the Ministry of Livestock both of Kilifi and Vitengeni , we thank you so much , your participation has added a great value to the project, staffs of CWID and the women. It would not have been near possible without your participation, we are grateful and looking forward for your assistance during the implementation.

To the women groups , we are proud because of your consistence and interest in the project we hope the same interest will be shown toward the sustainability of the Tuinuane project.

To the area MP Hon Francis Baya, we are grateful for the support we got from you in form of refreshments during on the actual day and the support we have been getting towards the project.

goat project, guests of honour dancing

Above : Guest of honor,The Mayor of Kilifi Esther Kache Joins
the participants in dance during the entertainment

goat project, entertainment

Above: Kasuku Chekesho entertain participants at the event.

Women group with Beatrice Sharon Ochogo

Above : Women group leaders pose for photos with part of their catch.

Climate change and goat rearing

Women follow the proceedings on the climate change and environmental
Management at the goat distribution event of Tuinuane project.

Goat project Kilifi

Mama Zawadi, demonstrate how she will be taking
her share care of her share of the goats

Report compiled by: May Odhiambo